Solar Energy

Solar Energy – Power of Nature meets IoT

Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy.  Clean, plentiful and thanks to today's technologies, easy to harvest.  Every single day enough solar energy strikes the planet to meet the world's energy needs for four to five years.  In an era where global warming and CO2 buildup are of critical concern, solar energy can become an incredibly valuable solution for helping to protect our planet.

With the Internet-of-things taking over the world, applications and software have come in to the scene to make operations easier for different industry verticals. Gaonic has created a name for itself in designing cloud based services that leverages the capability of industry infrastructure and adds to the scalability of your existing IT infrastructure.

Gaonic Solutions for Solar Energy:
  • Our powerful cloud-based Real-time data collection, analytics and automation software platform offers cost-effective solutions for aggregating solar with different inverters type creating efficiency, smart automation and energy optimization.
  • Intelligent automated Smart Solar monitoring and management, based on deep analytics of sensor and device data to optimize performance, detect outages, and reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Smart power-efficient optimization of hybrid power generation from both sustainable (Solar, Wind, etc.) and conventional sources
  • Automated real-time monitoring and management of partial or full Smart Grid management in times of emergency (eg. Overload, shortage, misbalance) and automated quick recovery
  • Ongoing and forecasted demand response based on smart profiling and patterning of consumption and users.
  • As a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provider, Gaonic will provide to business clientele with independently maintained platform upon which their web application, services and mobile applications can be built, refined and deployed at lower cost because the need to buy and manage the underlying software and hardware has been eliminated.

Are you looking to use cloud based real-time sensor data collection and analytics to transform your product, your offering, or your business?