Oil & Gas – Power of Nature meets IoT

Energy is one of the most utilized resources in this world, almost everything on this planet needs electricity to operate, from a simple television to powering the needs of a space station. The energy needs are growing day by day and expected to increase considerably in the next 20 years while the prices going down. To meet these demands, oil and gas companies will have to manage more efficiently.

Technology is changing at the rate of knots. New devices flood the market every day and sensors are being developed to cope with these latest trends. The word “SMART” is no longer the sole property of humans; technology today is driving industries to be smart.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a way for oil and gas companies to connect all parts of their operations across the globe. By connecting more physical objects to the Internet, companies can benefit from the knowledge and efficiency gains of a digitized and automated world.

Gaonic has created a name for itself in designing real time cloud based services for analytics that leverages the capability of Oil & Gas infrastructure and adds to the scalability of their existing IT infrastructure.

Gaonic Solutions for Oil & Gas:

  • Our powerful cloud-based Real-time data collection, analytics and automation software platform offers cost-effective solutions for aggregating different machines and sensors type creating efficiency, smart automation and optimization.
  • Intelligent deep analytics of sensor and device data to optimize performance, detect outages, and reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Integration to 3rd parties' platform enables customers' benefit of scaling fast and easy.
  • As a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provider, Gaonic will provide to business clientele with independently maintained platform upon which their web application, services and mobile applications can be built, refined and deployed at lower cost because the need to buy and manage the underlying software and hardware has been eliminated.

Are you looking to use cloud based real-time sensor data collection and analytics to transform your product, your offering, or your business?