Automotive – The connected cars of tomorrow

Ever since humans started to travel and explore the world, roads and automotive have played a crucial role in helping them to reach their destinations and also provide safe passage and the shortest travel time possible. From the sandy roads of ancient times to well laid 8 lane high quality roads which see an enormous 50000 plus vehicles on peak hours. Everything in this world is getting smarter and more improved and advance in this day and age. Cars are getting smarter, they are equipped with latest gadgets, and so do the road. Yes, roads of today’s generation are revolutionary and unique. They have given birth to the innovation of “Smart Roads”.

Smart Roads are a necessity in current day and age. They brief us about the conditions and other details which help us plan on our journey and route selection. This technology will go a long way in helping mankind drive safely.

According to AT&T, services for the connected car include:

  • Advanced diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Family tracking (how far has my teenager gone)
  • Enhanced safe driving via telematics
  • Wireless ability to remotely warm, find one’s car in a parking lot or open locked doors.
  • Voice recognition for safer, and more convenient, hands-free driving.
  • Accessing automotive app stores
  • Vehicle updates of firmware so trips to the dealer aren’t needed
  • Rear seat entertainment, including accessing the Internet.
  • Connected media for downloading music, maps and streaming media.

Gaonic Solutions for Automotive:

  • Our powerful cloud-based Real-time data collection, analytics and automation software platform offers cost-effective solutions for aggregating different machines and sensors type creating efficiency.
  • Intelligent deep analytics for advance diagnostic of sensor and device data to optimize performance, detect outages, and reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Integration to 3rd parties' platform enables customers' benefit of scaling fast and easy.
  • As a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provider, Gaonic will provide to business clientele with independently maintained platform upon which their web application, services and mobile applications can be built, refined and deployed at lower cost because the need to buy and manage the underlying software and hardware has been eliminated.
  • Social engagement will better serve the communication between the driver and his car and between the service provider and the car owner.

Are you looking to use cloud based real-time sensor data collection and analytics to transform your product, your offering, or your business?