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About Us


Gaonic has a growing team that consists of the best brains in the big data and cloud fields. We have a casual and fun environment that allows our thinkers to come up with big ideas. It’s here at the HQ of Gaonic that magic happens, when technologists and designers rack their brains together to find a creative and innovative solution to each problem, making each project unique.

We blend in dedication, passion, and smarts of our people to create the concoction that makes us stand apart from the competition. At Gaonic, each client is unique, and so is their project.


We believe Data is the most efficient energy resource!

Our mission is to provide strength to the world’s IoT systems to make them more valuable. With just the right combination of big data capability, analytics and experience in building robust and scalable cloud platforms, Gaonic has the right skill set to deliver the perfect IoT data analytics cloud service on various devices.

At Gaonic, we are passionate and want to see IoT become an open, easy, secured and empowering system that is used throughout the world.

Our vision is to become the de facto choice to gather, store, and analyze data related to IoT.


Our clients come from corporations of all sizes, belonging to various industries. The phenomenon of IoT has engulfed the entire world, covering all walks of life. Since it has started to become a way of life, there is no industry that is completely unaffected by its presence.

At Gaonic, we serve everyone with perfect solutions to connect various devices with the cloud to make sure that the IoT experience is smooth and seamless.


We provide a strong and stable backend for M2M and IoT brokerage platform for streaming data and analytics. Gaonic has cloud based big data sensors to provide management solutions.

Real time cloud based solution
With our cloud based solutions operating and providing reliable output in real time, your network will be able to collect, aggregate, store, analyze, and present information in a fast and secure way.

Source agnostic technology
Our platform independent technology lets you integrate and aggregate data from any type of data source, not considering their type, data format, manufacturer, structure, or protocol. Our systems support several protocols, including TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, MQTT, REST, Ethernet Modbus etc.

Analytic engine
Our inbuilt analytics engine is made for historical and real time, and basic and advanced data insights. We use simple APIs and open architecture for easily sharing information with other third party systems.

Highly optimized
Our services are not just optimized for cost, but also for ease of use and implementation. We use the strongest data security standards at both the cloud level and the device data level. Plus, our systems are scalable for growing implementation.

Highly Secure
Security is a big challenge in the world of IoT, and we take it seriously. We build several different methods to create a bond of trust between people and various elements. When you order our services, you can be assured of secure solutions because your security and privacy is our number one concern.

OUR Product Service

Gaonic offers a set of cloud-based IoT building blocks that help build data-centric solutions to improve their sensor efficiency, while saving human and capital resources. As a result, our projects allow our customers to have an optimized management of sensor environment. Our mission is to empower our data centric IoT analytics collection platform that allows us to offer a cost effective solution for real time cloud based solutions


We are the providers of a cloud-based sensor analytic platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a new phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Prompting new product innovations and igniting better revenue streams, it is connecting smart devices. With cloud based technologies to connect various devices, Gaonic offers a flawless approach that provides smooth networking even from remote systems.


    • Gaonic has a cloud based platform that lets the client systems discover, collect, aggregate, analyze, store, visualize, and share data securely with other devices.
    • Scalable

    • True real time data management and optimization
    • Our big data approach lets us analyze the improvements over time, using large data sets and ongoing machine learning algorithms
    • Improved pattern and better analytics and trend identification

    • Cost effective solution that uses data from any device including hybrid environments and legacy devices
    • Greater flexibility and better integration without much hardware/software interdependence
    • Improved pattern and better analytics and trend identification
    • Easy to combine with third party devices and third party platforms

    • Highly secure
    • Support data encryption/decryption between devices
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Gaonic’s headquarters are located in the heart of Manhattan and Israel’s “Startup Nation” area, with international teams covering multiple countries in USA and N. America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.