• Cloud Based

    Cloud-Based services support increasing capacity and capabilities on the fly without investing in a new infrastructure. Extends IT's existing capabilities.

  • Location Ready

    Location-Based service for smart things supporting the generation and distribution of your IoT location information.

  • Social wise

    Integrating and leveraging Social platforms enabling IoT's go social posting and sharing your notification.

  • Smart design

    Ready-to-all platform enabling any IoT sharing the information secured and easily with your preferred policy. Using our GateReady device make it even more flexible and smart.

  • Alert Mechanism

    Multi Social Platform Alert Mechanism enabled the awareness to your Things and the Things you followed.

  • Auto Detection

    Auto detection mechanism facilitated Things to be provisioned on the Map.

  • Sensors Support

    Supporting different kind of sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Pollution, Noise, Light, Radiation, Water, Wind.

  • Application Support

    Smart City, Smart Parking, Smart Phones, Smart Wireless, eHealth, Smart Home, etc.

Every city needs to evolve as a smart and sustainable city. Curtailing their extensive use of energy by transforming themselves into energy efficient cities, will help the cities overcome a major challenge. More ...
Adapting to consumer demand was not the only expensive challenge for gasoline service stations in the early 1990s. Gas stations become more aware of the green movement and environment awareness. Green is now for Gas Stations. More ...
According to the analyst firm Berg Insight, around 2.8 million patients worldwide were using a home monitoring service based on equipment with integrated connectivity at the end of 2012. More ...
In 2009, the US smart grid industry was valued at about $21.4 billion – by 2014, it will exceed at least $42.8 billion. As with other industries use of advanced sensors and distributed computing technology will improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of power delivery and use.More ...
Over the past three decades, the meeting and convention industry has evolved dramatically from a budding industry to a mature one that has become an important driver of the national economy. More ...
The availability of technology is exploding in the world today. Utilization of new technologies will cause retail stores and shopping centers to be different places in the future.More ...
The rapid urbanization currently underway worldwide means that there is an equally rapid growth rate for smart buildings. Smart buildings dramatically reduce cost, energy use and carbon emissions while boosting the building's marketability.More ...
The growth in the number of vehicles is increasing far faster than our ability to add more roads or widen old ones. Over the past 20 years, it says, we've built about 2% more streets and roads, but there are more than 50% more vehicles using them-and they travel 77% more miles. More ...
Research indicates that 20-30% of all the traffic comes from people trying to find parking space. Those people are not just creating traffic congestion; they are also wasting time and polluting the air. That helps to explain why smart parking is an essential part of sustainable and green environment. More ...